Biotherm is a coating with thermoplastic microspheres of high reflectance and low thermal conductivity capable of reflecting a large part of the solar rays, avoiding that it is converted to heat by the structure.


Reduces to 9ºC
in the environment


Reduces up to 30%
consumption of


Best value for money
in treatment
thermal insulation


Resistant to
of mold and fungi


  • High yield
  • Mechanical protection for the roof
  • Easy application on roller or airless spray
  • Zero water absorption
  • Unique with thermoplastic microsphere technology.

Where to apply?


ceramic tiles

abestos cement

metal roofs


When used in roofs and walls of various materials, Biotherm reduces the internal temperature of the environment and guarantees the reduction of up to 9ºC and the lowest consumption of electric energy, with air conditioning and fan. Because it has high strength and performance, Biotherm requires minimal maintenance and ensures low dirt and mildew buildup, which provides insulation efficiency results for much longer than conventional paints.


1. What is Biotherm?

It is an ink developed for roofs and tiles of various materials and that has high reflectance, that is, it is an ink with properties that minimize the heat exchange guaranteeing greater thermal comfort.

2. What is Biotherm made of?

Biotherm is a special water-based paint with high concentration of special resins with low organic volatile emissions and high titanium dioxide concentration and ceramic microspheres that allow the roof to remain white, clean and high reflect for longer .

3. Which Biotherm is recommended for which application?

Biotherm can be applied to tiles, roofs and external walls, always being the outermost layer, that is, without any other product applied on it. Application on internal walls is only recommended for temperature increase in cold regions.

4. Does the Biomass of Brazil provide the labor for the application of Biotherm?

We do not have our own labor force for application. We recommend the use of companies specializing in the industrial application of paint. If you need directions, please ask our team.

5. Does Biotherm come in which packaging?

Biotherm comes in 18-liter buckets.

Biotherm comes in 4,7GAL buckets.

The average yield of Biotherm is 120 m² per coat of paint.

7. Can Biotherm be diluted?

Yes, the dilution recommendations are described on the packaging according to the type of application. The maximum dilution is 20%.

8. What is the drying time of Biotherm?

It is recommended to dry 4 hours between each coat.

9. How long is Biotherm in the package?

Shelf life of 18 months.

10. What is the durability of Biotherm after applied?

Reflectance performance analyzes are recommended after 5 years of application.

11. What are the colors of Biotherm?

Biotherm is always supplied in white to ensure the highest coverage reflectance.

12. Is biotherm waterproofing?

No. Biotherm is an ink that reduces dirt accumulation due to its unique formulation that guarantees resistance to water and weather, but does not have a waterproofing function. For waterproofing consult other products of the line.

13. Can Biotherm be applied on galvanized tiles and slabs?

Biotherm can be applied to galvanized tiles after application of Galvanized Background. The application on the slab can be done after proper preparation and regularization and waterproofing. Consult the Biomass products of Brazil for waterproofing.

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